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August 16, 2011 by Emma Bentley


[2016] The Kayser empire has expanded rapidly in recent years. On practically every street corner in Paris, you can find the now famous E.K. initials. It’s not entirely bad news – the quality is still there, but I’m less excited to see an Eric Kayser bakery now than I was five years ago.

Let me just say that the lunch deal – sandwich, pastry and a drink for 8 euros (the value of my ticket resto) – became my staple in 2012 when I was working just off the boulevard Saint Germain.

But I also had a tarte Monge last summer which made me violently sick. (Most likely because there was a secret ingredient to which I am intolerant – but I asked if and they assured me that there wasn’t any.)

[2011] Eric Kayser is one of the best bakers in Paris. He’s up there with Conticini, Hermé and Genin as men who could steal my heart in just the fold of a pastry. That’s not something I say lightly, but make no bones about it, his cakes, tarts and gâteaux are some of the most delicately delicious things I’ve ever eaten. That’s also something I don’t say often.

Monsieur Kayser comes from a long line of bakers. I think I heard it said that he is the fourth generation. He opened the first “Maison Kayser” in 1996 on rue Monge (near rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement.) There are now 18 shops in Paris, as well as shops in Lyon, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and Senegal! There are 80 in total apparently.

I went to his shop in the 8th, on boulevard Malesherbes a few days ago to try a croissant (see below) and I went back again today to get my fill of sugar.

The strawberry gâteau pictured above was divine – fresh, fruity, juicy… but I have to say, the one that stole the show was undoubtedly the tarte au citron. It was sour, sweet, tangy, creamy and crunchy, all at the same time. Gobsmackingly gorgeous!! Pair it with a brut champagne (like this one from Vouette & Sorbée) and I promise you’ll think you’ve gone to heaven!

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[2010] Croissant Competition #11: “It was clearly fresh. There was no question this croissant had spent less than 30 minutes between the oven and my greedy grubby fingers. It smelt delicious, the kind of smell that can stop you dead in your tracks as you walk past a boulangerie in France. And yet, despite it’s ‘youthfulness,’ it had to be torn apart with some force, my two hands having a tug of war with the rope of butter and flour. As you can see from the photos, it was practically a perfect diamond shape and one of the taller croissants I’ve had recently. However, it was let down on the taste…. well actually, the lack thereof. I think after my excitement from the gorgeous toasted butter smell, I was expecting more than it delivered and for that reason I was slightly disappointed. Not so disappointed that I didn’t scoff two within a few seconds nor that I wouldn’t rank this up with some of the best croissants in Paris, but I don’t think it was The Best.”

Essential Information

Address: 85 boulevard Malesherbes, 75008
Telephone: 01 45 22 70 30
WebsiteEric Kayser
Opening HoursMonday – Saturday, 7am – 8.15pm. Closed Sunday. 

N.B. The original Eric Kayser is on rue Monge, in the 5th. 

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