Le Blé Sucré, 75012

I had been tipped off by a local parisienne about this neighbourhood boulangerie that is totally worth going out of your way for. It turns out that, such is Le Blé Sucré’s reputation, it has those in the know salivating just at the mention of its name.

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[2011] Croissant Competition #18: “The perfect diamond shape, it was a darker colour than the not-so-aristocratic croissants and it smelt strongly of caramel.

Oh be careful – it will be very hot. It’s only just out of the oven,” said the boulanger. And she wasn’t wrong! There was a small waft of steam that came out as I tore the croissant open. 

It was crisp on the outside but silky soft on the inside. Believe it or not, silky soft isnt even an exaggeration, it was so buttery, it tore apart just like picking up a silk scarf. Yet, at the same time, it wasn’t tooooo buttery either – it left just the right amount of butter on my fingers, not like #3…

Even though from the photo above, the croissant looks practically hollow, what there was of it was chewy enough for me not to feel hard done by. This silkiness may well have been different had the croissant spent even just five minutes on the counter before I walked in and given it the chance to solidify, but who in their right mind has that kind of patience. In terms of taste, there was a sweetness to it that most other croissants dont have – probably linked to the toasted caramel smell when it was first handed to me.

This is honestly a god amongst mortals and mark my words: the next time I’m looking for a flat in Paris, I want to live just above le Blé Sucré and I’m fully prepared to camp outside until they give in. Alternatively, if I learn from Number 16, maybe I need to find a boyfriend who calls this his local!

It is, without a doubt, one of the strongest contenders for the title of Best Croissant in Paris.”


Essential Information

Address: 7 rue Antoine Vollon (Square Trousseau) 75012
Telephone: 01 43 40 77 73
WebsiteLe Blé Sucré
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 7am-7.30pm, Sunday until 1.30pm. Closed Monday. 

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