Café Lomi, 75018


September 19, 2012 by Emma Bentley

The Café Lomi is a prime example of the cool initiatives happening in previously overlooked parts of the 18th arrondissement.
Once based in the 17th where they were torrefying and selling exclusively to the trade, they opened the Café Lomi coffee shop on the rue Marcadet in September 2012. Aleaume heads up the business operation, his Mexican wife looks after the front of house and an Australian by the name of Paul can be found scurrying around out the back, playing with the roasting machine.
Directly across from the graffiti railway bridge and within spitting distance of the Goutte d’Or, at first glance the choice of location is not immediately apparent. It seemed certain not to appeal (at least, not straight away) to the class of bobos and macbook-wielding hipsters that frequent other coffee shops of this ilk.
The decor would be best described as “industrial-quirk.” The bare concrete walls add a contemporary touch, while the furniture looks like it has just been lifted straight out of my dream loft apartment.
The menu changes regularly. In terms of the coffee : you choose between one of the two house blends or a single estate plantation, in espresso, cappuccino, filter or mug… If you’d rather something less caffeinated, a choice of tea and freshly squeezed juices are available. As for the food, well, it’s very much geared up for the health conscious hipster – think quiche and quinoa –  but I love the food-and-coffee pairings that were on the menu in 2013/2014.
Despite what you might think, the weekends get really busy, especially from lunchtime. If you want to be certain of getting a spot, best to come early or in the week.
You come pour changer de quartier, for some quality “me time” with a book and (it goes without saying) for excellent coffee.

Essential Information

Address: 3 ter, rue Marcadet, 75018
Telephone: 09 80 39 56 24
WebsiteCafé Lomi, Facebook
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 19.00.


3 thoughts on “Café Lomi, 75018

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