Carton, 75006


This is a boulangerie-patisserie on the very touristy rue de Buci, but which does a stunningly good foret-noir (Black Forest) cake.

I popped by for my petit quatre-heure this afternoon. To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting much. From the outside, the shop is appealing but not terribly inspiring. I’m umm-ed and ahh-ed between the tarte aux framboises, the chocolate eclair and the mini-doughnut…. until I saw the black forest cake, that is. It was topped with two fine quenelles of dark chocolate which were just calling my name. Without any more ado, it was brusquely wrapped in a little piece of paper but, with a cheeky grin on my face, I was off on my way again.

As they don’t have a sit-down space at the Carton, I headed back to work and managed to find a couple of minutes of peace and quiet in which to unwrap my prized package.

It was considerably better than I was expecting. The chocolate was delicious, the cake part was perfectly toe-ing the balance between sponge cake and cream and there was a reassuring, lip-smacking hint of alcohol that played through. Finished off with a Cafe Lomi coffee, this was a five mins of pure, unabashed hedonism!

N.B. There are many other ‘luxury’ chocolate-pastry shops in the area…. Pierre Herme, Hugo and Victor, to name just two…. this is not that at all. As I said, the service was fine, but pretty brusque and there’s certainly no nice box or sturdy bag for you to protect your purchases. However, you won’t break a five euro note here either…

Essential Information

Address6 Rue de Buci, 75006
Telephone: 01 43 26 04 13
Website: Google+
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 7am – 8pm. Closed Monday. 

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