Burnt Food


It has long baffled me how something so popular in one country can remain relatively unknown in another, even though it is only a short jump across a bit of water away. Supper clubs. In London, they’re everywhere. They offer new perspectives to the somewhat stuffy restaurant scene. They can offer insights into new cuisines and inroads for new friendships – especially valuable if you’ve just moved to Paris or are a single traveller. Well, now it’s time for the hunter to become the hunted. I’m putting my neck on the line.

The idea is that every month, six total strangers arrive at Burnt Cream HQ for supper. The name of these events is “Burnt Food” … because I like to keep expectations low. I’ve been doing this on a regular and completely open basis since October 2012. You can come by yourself or with a friend. At first, it was largely friends or acquaintances of mine, but the word has spread and I’ve now hosted an eclectic mix of Canadians, French, Brits, Italians, Americans, Japanese, Australians… some live in Paris and others are just passing through. The only thing that’s sure is that it’s going to be a fun evening, interesting conversation and you’re not going to leave hungry.

The menu is dictated according to whatever is available at the market that morning. Come, enjoy a great evening, meet some interesting people and let your tastebuds take over. 

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