The Beef Club, 75001


With almost 13,000 restaurants in Paris, it would be somewhat of an understatement to say that it can be rather difficult to know which one to pick…

Most visitors have either done their homework in advance (reading blogs such as this one!) or they just happen across one that is in their neighbourhood. Before I knew Paris well, I stumbled across restaurants that now I consider so touristy that I can’t even believe that I once stepped foot into nowadays. It’s true, I confess, I’ve become a total food snob. In fact, I recently realised that I only go to restaurants, that I have heard of before, that people have recommended, or ideally, where I know the owner, manager or barman. Admittedly, this rather limits the fun in trying somewhere completely unknown, but it does considerably lower the risk of being disappointed.

Tout ça pour dire…  I’m finally getting to the point of this post…

Belonging to the Experimental Cocktail Group, The Beef Club is one of my favourite restaurants and if anyone ever asks me where to go for a good steak whilst in Paris, this is sure to be on the tip of my hungry tongue.

It’s not complicated fussy cooking. It’s good, honest, simple stuff that they do exceptionnally well. The meat comes from Yorkshire farmer, Tim Wilson, in the UK and is then matured for another 30 days in the basement kitchens of the Beef Club, following the advice of expert French butcher, Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec. I think there may still be the traces of some drool on the floor from when I was given my tour of the kitchens! Huge chunks of animal hanging up, all at different stages of aging – it really is something very special.

Everything at the Beef Club, from the wine list and the service, to the side dishes and the meat itself, was faultless. In fact, the only negative I have of this dining experience was the fact that we rather over-ordered and consequently somewhat struggled to finish the main course. Pudding was absolutely hors de question! (and that rarely ever happens where I’m concerned!!)

With your entry level cut of meat starting at 25€, the fillet at around 35-40€ and the côte de boeuf for two people at 90€, it’s also a little above my every day budget by the time you add on the wine and the extras, but it’s definitely worth it once in a while. Side dishes range from chips, spinach, salad, mac’n’cheese and you also have your pick of sauces to choose from.

Start your evening with a cocktail downstairs at the Ballroom, take your place at the table, get ready for a menu-long seduction but make sure your bed is not far away because you’re going to sleep like a baby afterwards!

P.S. If steak is not your thing, try the Fish Club right next door for ceviche and pisco sours. (UPDATE 2015: Fish Club now closed!!)

Essential Information

Address: 58 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001
Telephone: 09 54 37 13 65
WebsiteThe Beef ClubFacebook
Opening Hours: All week from 7.45pm. Brunch on Sundays. 
Reservations: recommended – a couple of days in advance.  
Suggested footwear: knee-length brown suede boots

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