Ten Belles, 75010


Another too-cool-for-school coffee joint that was part of what will become known as the craft coffee revolution of 2012. In this case, the driving force was Thomas Lehoux who teamed up with Paris coffee maestro David Flynn to launch this cute, friendly hole in the wall.

The generally accepted term for these places that I hear being bandied around all the time is “Brooklyn”, however, for me, coming to this from a British perspective, I think it’s rather more “Shoreditch.”

In any case, it is a bare-bones establishment in a lesser area of town, but which therefore attracts the out-to-be-seen hipster crowd. In Paris, there is a wave of Generation Y gadabouts who are looking for this. Somewhere modern, with the focus on the provenance, care and elaboration of the final product. (Coffee comes from the Belleville Brulerie.)

I like the Ten Belles. It rather takes miniature and minimalism to the extreme but the welcome is friendly, the coffee is hot and it’s a good little place to have up your sleeve, especially if you’re in the area. 

You come because it’s a beautiful spring day and you need a quick shot of caffeine before strolling along the Canal St-Martin.

Essential Information

Address: 10, rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010
Telephone: 01 42 40 90 78
Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm, Sat + Sun 9am – 7pm.

Photo credit ?? (Please come forward if it is you.)

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