Un Dimanche à Paris, 75006

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I popped by this Saint Germain institution to duck out of a particularly heavy April shower (2012.) In a fortunate turn of fate, it so happened that I had my camera on me and thus, here is the long-overdue write up of “Un Dimanche à Paris“, the chocolate-lovers heaven, just off the boulevard Saint Germain.

As fate would have it, I clearly wasn’t the only person to be caught short without an umbrella and there was already a queue forming for a table in the adjoining salon du thé. Nevertheless, this was not going to put me off. I decided to order a pastry and a coffee and to perch at the counter in the boutique shop, which suited me just fine.
I ordered a multi-layered choux pastry, comprising of cream, pistachios and a hidden layer of red-fruit-and-cherry compote.
It was delicious – but do you know why I will recommend Un Dimanche to anybody at the drop of a hat… the service was so exceptionnally good! I don’t think I’ve had such friendly people serving me in a very long time. Whereas Larnicol, just around the corner, is a self-service affair, Un Dimanche adopts a rather more sleek and minimal approach.

October 2013 Update: I have been back several times since and, quite honestly, I’m not as enamoured as I was back in April. Truth be told, I have had fairly mixed experiences there. One time, for example, there was just my friend and I in the shop when the sales assistant took off on an enormous argument with the boss. So awkward it was, that we turned tail and scarpered out as fast as we could.

However, the food is tip-top-du-hip-hop and I still consider it an address to be cherished for any chocolate-lovers in Paris.

Essential Information

Address: 4-6-8 Cour du Commerce Saint André, 75006
Telephone: 01 56 81 18 08
WebsiteUn Dimanche a Paris, Facebook
Opening Hours: Monday 12 noon-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday 11am-7pm. 


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