Carl Marletti, 75005

STOP PRESS: Voted best Strawberry Cream Cake (un fraisier) by Le Figaro, thereby beating Angelina, Pierre Hermé and Jean-François Piège!! [June 2014]

(Unfortunately a highly seasonal pastry that is only available in summer.)

figaro page with fraisier
Photo Credit: Carl Marletti


A highly professional boutique offering some of the most crafted pastries that Paris has to offer.

Inspired to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, Carl Marletti went to school to learn the art of pastry, chocolate and confectionery making and he has been working as a pastry chef since 1988. Just as a side-note, he is one of the most smily and accessible pastry chefs I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Carl Marletti set up his one and only shop on the rue Censier in late 2007. The advantage of this being his only location is that everything is made on site. Don’t believe me? Hang around long enough to have someone push open the frosted glass door at the back of the shop, take a peek and you’ll see the team of skilled pastry chefs at work. They typically start at 6am for the boutique to open at 10am and carry on right through the day to make sure that the pastries are fresher than fresh.

Although he is best known for his Tarte au Citron (which Le Figaro elected the best in Paris in 2009) and the Millefeuille (the house speciality at the his former workplace, the Café de la Paix), you should make a point to try the others.

There are the classics: the éclair, religieuse, Paris-Brest, Baba au Rhum and an original take on the Saint-Honoré (in this case, flavoured with violet flower)… but my personal favourites are the Censier, the Sublime Ghana (you can tell I have a weakness for chocolate!) and, of course, the Delice d’Emma. Highly recommended.

Essential Information

Address: 51 rue Censier, 75005
Telephone: 01 43 31 68 12
Website: WebsiteFacebook
Opening Hours: Open Tuesday to Friday 10am-1pm and from 4-8pm. Sunday from 10am-13h30. Closed Monday. 


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