Alléosse, 75017


The cute, little, pedestrianised market street rue Poncelet, tucked behind the Arc de Triomphe and metres away from Place des Ternes and the picturesque Parc Monceau, is well worth a visit should you be in the area. Fruit, vegetables, freshly baked baguette-traditions, rotisserie chicken and wine, bien sur… all being sold in the street and in individual specialist shops. It’s absolutely delightful at dusk when the locals are out doing their shopping for the evening meal in the fading light.


And if you do happen to be in the area, you definitely should pop your head round the door of the cheesemonger Alléosse.

Philippe Alléosse has obtained the title of “Maître Fromager Affineur” (Master Cheesemonger And Ager-Extraordinaire) but that barely conveys the true picture.

You see, cheese has been in his blood since birth. His parents ran a cheese shop in the Gare du Nord area in the 70s and 80s before moving the business, which Philippe Alléosse was eventually to take over in 1999, to this spot in the 17th arrondissement. (Just as a quick aside to those who like get geeky about cheese, Philippe Alléosse studied under Pierre Androuet.)

Nowadays, Philippe Alléosse has roughly 200 cheeses sitting and slowly ripening in his 300 sq metre cellar in the 17th. He has just the one boutique but supplies to restaurants in France as well as abroad, who have come to rely upon his savoir-faire.

Speaking of the shop, in terms of design, it’s one of the most unique that I’ve seen in Paris. I have no idea what they had been given as a brief, but it must have been spaceship-meets-walk-in-closet-sauna-chic. Don’t believe me? Click on Google Visit to take a look for yourself, or even better, go there in person!


Essential Information

Address: 13, rue Poncelet, 75017
Telephone: 01 46 22 50 45
Website: Alléosse, Facebook
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday from 9am til 19h15 with lunch break. Saturday from 9am til 19h, sans interruption. Sunday from 9am til 13h. Closed Monday.


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