Golosino, 75005


The rue Mouffetard is known for many things… but to find a good Italian pizza joint along this cute, narrow cobbled street n’est pas évident. It was only because of a tip-off from Thomas at DOSE, the neighbourhood coffee shop, that I even gave a second glance to the Square Vermenouze, situated just off the main shopping strip.

Golosino is a very casual eatery. When I arrived (a little early, but I was starving!) the server and the chef were deep in concentration over a game of chess at the pass.


The restaurant is just one open-plan room. The kitchen (read: pizza oven) is towards the back wall. On the right is the chalkboard, the service station and the till. Then, against the wall on the left is a counter with between 8 to 10 bar stools where you can perch whilst waiting for or eating your pizza. On this particular day, reggae music playing. The decor is cute. There are touches of Italy everywhere. It is 100% legit.

The speciality here is pizza but if you feel like something else. there are also pre-prepared pasta dishes available to take away. To satisfy a sweet tooth, I spotted some tiramisu and various other assorted Sicilian specialities such as cannoli.


A few minutes later, an enormous pizza is put in front of me. I had gone for the pizza Golosino, with artichoke and cured ham. It smelt amazing. It looked amazing. And did I mention the size? I started to worry if my eyes hadn’t been more ambitious than my stomach on this occasion. Actually, the pizza was so good that, in the end, I had no problems finishing it in one sitting. The base was just a touch under-cooked – but I like it like that.

Pizzas at Golosino start at 8€ and most are priced around 10.50€. There’s no obligation to order anything else – there are large carafes of tap water on the counter for you to help yourself to – so the whole meal works out very cheap. It would be great for any single travellers who want to fill their stomachs for not very much moolah. No bones about it, this is definitely a great little address to have up your sleeve in case you’re caught short for pizza.

And just quickly, I wanted to share with you this little sign I spotted next to the kitchen:

“Beware of the Boss – he’s crazy!”




Essential Information

Address: 4 square Vermenouze, 75005
Telephone: 01 45 35 93 80
Website: GolosinoFacebook
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday lunch and dinner. Saturday evening 18h-22h30. Closed Sunday. 

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