Excerpt of “Why We Women Owe It To Ourselves To Learn Self-Defence”


It’s not exactly a catchy title… but my experience from January 2015 deserves to be shared and used as a warning.

It happened after hailing a regular Parisian cab on the street…. that very rare time that a car showing a green light actually stops for you!

I’ve probably taken thousands of cabs in my life. This one was the one bad apple.

On my tours, I’ve heard stories of taxis taking clients on a much longer route just to get more money. I’ve also heard of drivers being unnecessarily rude and downright unpleasant. Thankfully Uber and Chaffeur Privé have shown them how it should be done; fingers crossed the cabbies will up their game.

In any case, let me reassure you that this level of violence is exceptionally rare for Paris…. but my experience shows that, just sometimes, it does happen.

“It was an opportunistic robbery. He saw me say goodbye to my friends before getting into his taxi. He may have noticed that we were all a little drunk. I was wearing high heels and a short leather skirt. It was 2am and there was no-one in the street in front of my house.

The heel of his right hand made contact with my left eye. He promptly felt my right knee hit hard between his legs. He recoiled and I was able to run to safety.

Had I not have had the reflex to put two hands on his shoulder and my knee firmly in his groin, the story may have had a different outcome. I was lucky. His swing hit my bone socket rather than the eye or nose. It hurt but not too badly. I am absolutely sure that he was not expecting me to fight back.”

Full article on Medium.


To take a self-defence class in Paris, I heartily recommend Ladies System Defense.

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