Café Chilango, 75011

IMG_20150122_140515933 (1)

Picture the scene:

“So we’re opening a new spot in Paris. The hipster market is booming right now and we should make that our focus. What do we need?”

– Ethnic food served on small plates. Check.

– Beer from Deck and Donohue. Check.

– Coffee from Cafe Lomi and/or Belleville. Check.

– An offering of banana bread, carrot cake and the like. Check.

Joking aside, and although it falls slap bang in the middle of all these trends, the Café Chilango is fortunately more authentic rather than pretentious. Run by Mexican export, Olivier, you’re made to feel welcome straightaway. With its bare brick walls, bright flamboyant colours and the occasional cactus dotted around, I find it a welcome addition to the vibrant, Paris-fusion scene.

There are two main seating areas: two tables and counter by the entrance and a cosy café vibe towards the back. The bar that separates the two areas offers the aforementioned combination of beer, coffee and cake, as well as an interesting selection of mezcal and tequila. There is also a small open kitchen offering tacos and quesadillas for lunch and dinner.

Last week, I took advantage of their lunch menu: four tacos and a soft drink for 12 euros. Finished with a coffee and generous slice of mandarin orange cake, it was perfection!

Warning: this place could quickly become your local hang-out. 🙂

Essential Information

Address: 82 rue de Folie-Méricourt, 75011
Telephone: 01 47 00 78 95
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am -1am. Sunday 11am- 6pm. Closed Monday.
Reservations: not taken. 
Suggested footwear: if you happen to live in the area, they wouldn’t bat an eyelid were you to come in your slippers!


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