“Les Goûters du Cœur” / Upcoming Christmas Charity Event 2015

Photo credit: Sortir a Paris

Normally, I only write about upcoming events on my Facebook page. There are so many delicious diary entries for every single day in Paris that to put them on a static blog would make them quickly out of place and out of date.

However this particular event is particularly special, thus I am making an exception.

Between 4 and 6pm, from the 8th until the 18th December, the prestigious Café de la Paix (yes, the one with the fabulous view of the Opera Garnier building) is offering a special deal:

A glass of vin chaud or a chocolat chaud
Gingerbread (pain d’épices) or lemon cake
for just 5€ !

The entirety of those five euros will be donated to charity. The money will go to a French association called the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque. They bring children born with heart defects to France for specialised hospital treatment which would not be available in their countries.

You can sit down to enjoy your goûter in the café (if there is space!) or take it to-go. In any case, you will simultaneously warm up your chilly hands with the vin chaud and your heart for having donated to charity.

More (in French) here: Sortir à Paris. Please share!

If you are in luck, you could sit on the steps of L’Opera and take a moment to enjoy listening to Youri….. or as he was (rather cruelly) called by Prête Moi Paris “That Effing Guy in front of L’Opera.”

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