The Return of the Goat

"What do you mean, the old men of the village don’t come over to take a look at a building site in the UK?" asked my Italian friend, bewildered. I was asking why, over the last month or so, a stream of people have walked, driven and peered over at our ongoing - and increasing … Continue reading The Return of the Goat

Casu Marzu – The Maggot Cheese From Sardinia

Mimolette is the famous French "cheese-mite cheese" - a term which sends shivers down the spine of the uninitiated. (If you can get over the continuous misspelling of extra vieille, Culture Cheese Mag have a reference page on Mimolette.) Banned, then repealed, before being banned once again, America's FDA object to the presence of, urm, … Continue reading Casu Marzu – The Maggot Cheese From Sardinia