Yard, 75011

One of my best meals in recent months was had at this thimble-sized restaurant just a stepping stone away from the Pere Lachaise cemetary. Jane Drotter presides over the 25-or-so covers on the floor, whilst chef Shaun Kelly (ex-St John, Saturne and Au Passage) has free rein in the kitchen. The result is a powerful … Continue reading Yard, 75011

Le 6 Paul Bert, 75011

UPDATE (Feb 2015): I went back to Le 6 Paul Bert for dinner with some friends two days ago. In the evening, the restaurant offers a prix fixe menu at 44 euros, comprising four courses (starter-fish-meat-dessert.) I understand they're undergoing some staff changes in the kitchen... and unfortunately, it showed. There were three choices for … Continue reading Le 6 Paul Bert, 75011

Georges, 75004

The restaurant Georges, like the Café Marly by the Louvre, has recently come under fire for a policy of seating only the most beautiful by the window, meaning that the less-than-beautiful get a miserly seat at the back. It may come as a surprise but I can actually understand the basis of this policy. It's not quite … Continue reading Georges, 75004

Aux Charpentiers, 75006

    "Food and love have two things in common..... they are both temporary but should bring pleasure" says Aux Charpentiers boss, Pierre Bardeche. Aux Charpentiers is a traditional French bistro, where Pierre and his wife Colette Bardeche have ruled the roost since 1976. In the heart of the historical St Germain quartier, this is … Continue reading Aux Charpentiers, 75006

Clamato, 75011

Open since November 2013, Clamato is the little brother to Septime, located right next door and by the one and only, Bertrand Grébaut. Specialising in seafood, oysters and natural wine, it attracts a hipster clientèle - beautiful women and sexy men sporting a few days of stubble. Great with a group of four or five friends … Continue reading Clamato, 75011

CLOSED – Bones, 75011

UPDATE AUG 2015: Sadly Bones closed its doors last night. Keep your eyes peeled to find out who takes this space.   Combining minimalist food and décor with great drinks, Bones is on every Paris hipster's radar. Young and beautiful anglophones flock to this bricks and mortar bar and restaurant in the 11th. The charming … Continue reading CLOSED – Bones, 75011

Le Dépanneur, 75009

Shortly before August 2013, Pigalle's well-known all-day-and-all-night joint, Le Dépanneur, re-opened under new management. Situated in trendy SoPi (South Pigalle for those of you not in the know) the restaurant is barely a hop, skip and jump away from the seedy attractations around the Moulin Rouge. However its unique exterieur, large windows reminiscent of either a school … Continue reading Le Dépanneur, 75009

La Cave 27, 75018

Inattendu. Insolite. Izakaya. The first two words would be how the French would describe this izakaya. Quirky and completely unexpected. The Japanese word izakaya originally comes from i meaning 'to stay' and sakaya a 'saké shop' and therefore loosely, it means a saké shop where you can hang out. That's a pretty accurate description for the Cave 27. With a floor space … Continue reading La Cave 27, 75018

Beaucoup, 75003

Contemporary. Crafted. Refreshing. A great addition to the Paris restaurant scene. Kicking the evening off with a mezcalito, our tastebuds were blown away by the combination of smoke and spice and the strength of the cocktail. Not for the faint-hearted or the French, but delicious for me and my Mexican dining partner. With bated breath, I waited … Continue reading Beaucoup, 75003

Cuistance, 75001

RESTAURANT NOW CLOSED! Cuistance is a new, contemporary restaurant in the 1st arrondissement, a refreshing chance, and somewhere that I reckon would be a great place to go on a date. Head Chef Henri-Serge Manga has served his time in Michelin-starred restaurants (e.g. Heston Blumenthal's 3* Fat Duck, in Bray, UK) and it shows. Beautiful dishes come out … Continue reading Cuistance, 75001