The Return of the Goat

"What do you mean, the old men of the village don’t come over to take a look at a building site in the UK?" asked my Italian friend, bewildered. I was asking why, over the last month or so, a stream of people have walked, driven and peered over at our ongoing - and increasing … Continue reading The Return of the Goat

Casu Marzu – the “maggot cheese” from Sardinia

[August 2018] I wrote about my experience of trying casu marzu for the travel site You'll find it, under the "Unconventional Foods" section, here. [July 2017] I've already talked about mimolette (the cheese-mite / bed-bug cheese) which is often banned by the FDA in the USA for its high levels of *cough* "residual protein." But mimolette is a … Continue reading Casu Marzu – the “maggot cheese” from Sardinia

Mimolette – the “cheese-mite cheese”

Mimolette is the famous French "cheese-mite cheese" - a term which sends shivers down the spine of the uninitiated and provoked wholly unjustified terror in the case of this journalist for the Kansas City Star! It's a round cheese, hailing from the French/Belgium border (near the city of Lille.) Its size is fractionally smaller than … Continue reading Mimolette – the “cheese-mite cheese”