To Market, To Market!

Let's play spot the difference. What is the difference between these two photos? Well, yes, there's a little old lady in the top photo but that's not the answer. Guess again. And no, it's got nothing to do with my love of endives that you can spot in the forefront of the bottom photo. It's the plastic … Continue reading To Market, To Market!

Co-Working Spaces in Paris So many people have the dream of moving to Paris for a month or two. Of "upping sticks" and relocating to the city of lights, the capital of romance and the centre of cheese. It's becoming easier and easier as our increasingly nomadic working lifestyles don't tie us to a 9 to 5 routine in the … Continue reading Co-Working Spaces in Paris

Useful Resources for Living in Paris

Have you always wondered which websites and online resources the French (and in particular, the Parisians) actually use? Whether you've recently moved here or you just feel a little out of touch, here are some tips: For cheap train tickets, use Ouigo - To find out how bad the traffic is - For second-hand furniture … Continue reading Useful Resources for Living in Paris

Safety Scouts Advice

One of the positive outcomes of my unfortunate incident with a taxi driver was an introduction to Christopher Gadenne. He's a former Parisian police investigator who now dedicates all his free time to helping others. In particular, he's launched the Safety Scouts YouTube channel to increase victim awareness of common attacks or scams. Here are some … Continue reading Safety Scouts Advice