Press Coverage

“Emma Bentley, author of Burnt Cream (cleverly subtitled “Liberté, Egalité, Crème Brûlée”), has lived in Paris for almost five years…

When she eventually started her blog, “I thought my mum was going to be my main reader,” she says. She made a name for herself when she started reporting on local eateries and the best place to get a croissant. “I became known as the Croissant Girl among expats,” she adds.”

Hungry? 14 food blogs to read right now” on the Wall Street Journal, 2015

Featured Contributor on, 2014

“The French are not typically ones to look further than their own terroir when it comes to wine, but a recent growing interest in wines from abroad has opened both the French market and mind. International Wine Consultant Emma Bentley, is happy to help bring foreign wine options to French soil. “International Wine Consultant” is about as amazing a job title as you can imagine and Emma has earned it. After working at Caves AugéVins du Mondeand La Maison du Whisky Emma launched her own wine consulting company dedicated to promoting international wines in France and her native England.”

Women in Food and Wine on Haven in Paris, 2014

“This nice private tasting took place in the Paris appartment of a young British woman, Emma Bentley, who works for La Maison du Whisky (but will soon start her own job as agent for artisan wineries). It’s always great to discover Paris through other appartments, and her views over the roofs or the Sacré Coeur was terrific.”

Japanese Wine Tasting on Wine Terroirs, 2014

“I met Emma Bentley, from the fantastic food blogBurnt Cream after doing aguest post on her site about some of my favorite Paris markets. We met for a drink (okay, a few drinks) and Emma told me about starting her blog in 2011 and how writing had segued into hosting events at her home, such as the Burnt Foodsupper club and her Burnt Winetasting series.”

Drinking Georgian on Paris Paysanne, 2013

“Emma Bentley. Destroyer Credentials: Promotes the consumption and appreciation of foreign wines and saké in her role at LMDW Fine Spirits. Invites people into her home for food and wine tastings, speeding the destruction (it may take a while) of the Goutte d’Or neighborhood.”

The Destroyers’ Guide on Paris by Mouth, 2013

“Cardoons are quite good, it turns out. As I was lucky enough to discover when doing a cardoon challenge with my adventurous epicurean friend Emma. We tried cardoons three ways- in a risottosautéed with seasonal vegetables, and in a simple gratin. Though all three plates were delicious, we agreed that the Cardoon Gratin came out ahead.”

Cardoon Recipe featured on Paris Paysanne, 2013

“Emma, a English girl in her mid-twenties, living in Paris, makes it her personal mission to put her finger in and keep abreast of all the best restaurants, wine bars and cocktail establishments in the city.”

An Interview with Emma Bentley on the Expats Blog, 2013

“I’m sure the most commonly served cocktail in Paris is the stupid mojito,” declares Emma Bentley”

Craft Cocktails in Paris on Paris by Mouth, 2013

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