Bontemps, 75003

There is a traditional French expression which says that "a good friend is one who brings food." Well, I'm not sure if that expression actually exists but, if it doesn't, there ought to be something like it. It was my birthday this past weekend and one of my oldest friends in Paris was so kind … Continue reading Bontemps, 75003

Pozzetto, 75004

On the rue du Roi de Sicile in the lower part of the Marais, not a million miles away from Hotel de Ville, is an address that ought to be in your little black book. Pozzetto are masters of artisanal Italian gelato. Unlike competitors Berthillon and Amorino, they only have a small menu of just twelve flavours … Continue reading Pozzetto, 75004

Le Café des Musées, 75003

So many people ask me where you can find steak-frites in Paris. Or where are the best escargots in the city? For longer than I would care to admit, these questions had me scratching my head.... I have lived here for so long that I'm no longer craving these classic dishes. The restaurants where I … Continue reading Le Café des Musées, 75003

MG Road, 75003

Trying to find a half-decent restaurant anywhere near one of the main tourist sites in Paris is a challenge worthy of a sleuth. At the foot of the Pompidou Centre, you find a labyrinth of small street with cheap crepe stands, English-speaking bars and nondescript café-brasseries. You may well also have exhausted your patience for the … Continue reading MG Road, 75003

Candelaria, 75003

Blink and you miss it. A couple of neon lights and a wooden table in the window are the only exterior signs that suggest that this is one of the most highly talked-about drinking spots in Europe. Smile sweetly at the guy on the door, nudge past the guests sitting at the counter (and scoffing … Continue reading Candelaria, 75003

Where To Find Oysters in Paris

This blog post comes to you today from the corner of my bed. I've just spent a very uncomfortable night curled up on precisely one sixth of the normally available bed space. Three rooms of Burnt Cream HQ are being repainted this weekend, which means that everything has had to find a new home. I was … Continue reading Where To Find Oysters in Paris

Beaucoup, 75003

Contemporary. Crafted. Refreshing. A great addition to the Paris restaurant scene. Kicking the evening off with a mezcalito, our tastebuds were blown away by the combination of smoke and spice and the strength of the cocktail. Not for the faint-hearted or the French, but delicious for me and my Mexican dining partner. With bated breath, I waited … Continue reading Beaucoup, 75003