Tiger Paris, 75006

Tiger opened in December 2015 and embodies the latest development in the ever-evolving Paris craft cocktail scene. We've seen a specialised whisky bar (Sherry Butt), we've seen rum (CopperBay), we've seen absinthe (Lulu White) and so it was hardly surprising to see Paris' first dedicated gin bar. There's been a boom in small-scale gin production around … Continue reading Tiger Paris, 75006

La Quincave, 75006

Packed with bottles, from floor to ceiling, lovers of natural wine are sure to find many labels that they recognise. La Quincave is a small, relaxed wine bar, where, curiously, they don't serve wines by the glass. I suppose the logic is that if the wine is good, you shouldn't need a small pour! The … Continue reading La Quincave, 75006

Georges Larnicol, 75006

It's not very often that I start a blog post with an open-ended question, but I hope you will see past this provocative literary device just this once and not think any less of me. The question is a simple one: in order to guarantee quality, should a master craftsman who has obtained the highest … Continue reading Georges Larnicol, 75006

Aux Charpentiers, 75006

    "Food and love have two things in common..... they are both temporary but should bring pleasure" says Aux Charpentiers boss, Pierre Bardeche. Aux Charpentiers is a traditional French bistro, where Pierre and his wife Colette Bardeche have ruled the roost since 1976. In the heart of the historical St Germain quartier, this is … Continue reading Aux Charpentiers, 75006

LMDW Fine Spirits, 75006

Without doubt the finest selection of premium spirits in Paris : whisky, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, mezcal, grappa, calvados, cognac, armagnac, saké, shochu, beer, wine, cocktail bitters... the list is endless. Staff are knowledgeable and willing to advise. English spoken. Check the website for details about the free tastings on Saturdays. You make this your one-stop-shop … Continue reading LMDW Fine Spirits, 75006

La Dernière Goutte, 75006

A cool anglophone wine shop that should absolutely feature on your radar.  A great location in the Latin Quarter, they have a superlative selection of French wine, eaux-de-vie and whiskies from all over the world at reasonable prices. A better choice than you might find in your neighbourhood off-licence. Juan Sanchez heads up the English-speaking team. Incidentally, it … Continue reading La Dernière Goutte, 75006

Where To Find Oysters in Paris

This blog post comes to you today from the corner of my bed. I've just spent a very uncomfortable night curled up on precisely one sixth of the normally available bed space. Three rooms of Burnt Cream HQ are being repainted this weekend, which means that everything has had to find a new home. I was … Continue reading Where To Find Oysters in Paris

Avant Comptoir, 75006

I have actually been known to wake in the middle of the night with cold sweats, if I haven't had Avant Comptoir's confit de canard hot dog within the last two weeks. If you can't get a reservation for Yves Camdeborde's restaurant Le Comptoir du Relais and you don't feel like waiting in line for the … Continue reading Avant Comptoir, 75006

Un Dimanche à Paris, 75006

I popped by this Saint Germain institution to duck out of a particularly heavy April shower (2012.) In a fortunate turn of fate, it so happened that I had my camera on me and thus, here is the long-overdue write up of "Un Dimanche à Paris", the chocolate-lovers heaven, just off the boulevard Saint Germain. As … Continue reading Un Dimanche à Paris, 75006

Carton, 75006

This is a boulangerie-patisserie on the very touristy rue de Buci, but which does a stunningly good foret-noir (Black Forest) cake. I popped by for my petit quatre-heure this afternoon. To be quite honest, I wasn't expecting much. From the outside, the shop is appealing but not terribly inspiring. I'm umm-ed and ahh-ed between the tarte aux framboises, the chocolate eclair … Continue reading Carton, 75006