L’Auberge Bressane, 75007

It's not that there is a dearth of high-quality restaurants in this part of the 7th. You only have to stumble a couple of paces in any direction before you land upon L'Arpege, La Fontaine de Mars or L'Ami Jean... not to mention Jean-François Piège or David Toutain or Il Vino... It's just that Auberge … Continue reading L’Auberge Bressane, 75007

Le Fourbi, 75007

Le Fourbi is a new cocktail bar that's popped up in the very sleepy 7th arrondissement. (Opened September 2013.) Between La Tour-Maubourg and Ecole Militaire, two gorgeous Italian brothers - twins, to boot - who made their names in Paris as DJs have now teamed up with a top barman to offer a winning combination. Cocktails, … Continue reading Le Fourbi, 75007

Coutume Café, 75007

A great place to have up your sleeve. These guys were some of the first on the craft coffee scene in Paris a couple of years ago, and although they're still at the top, they've lost some ground to the hipster newcomers. This very industrial interior welcomes yummy mummies in their yoga-wear from 8am (on weekdays) and … Continue reading Coutume Café, 75007

Hugo et Victor, 75007

My latest 'coup de coeur' is a boutique called "Hugo et Victor." Why is it my favourite? Because it is beautiful. I haven't stepped foot in such a beautiful shop for a long time. It is jaw-droppingly stunning. Black, white, sleek and modern, it's far from your average patisserie or chocolate shop. Walking in, you appreciate that … Continue reading Hugo et Victor, 75007