Walrus, 75010

Have you wondered where the young, hip and unshaven hang out? The answer is the Walrus. It's a welcome addition to a quartier which doesn't have much to offer besides stolen iPhones. Think I'm joking? Just spend a couple of seconds on the crossroads of boulevard Magenta, rue Maubeuge and rue de Dunkerque (near Gare du Nord) and … Continue reading Walrus, 75010

Du Pain et Des Idées , 75010

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning as it dawned upon me that I am yet to write about Du Pain et Des Idées on this blog. It's a rather shameful confession, I must admit. Christophe Vasseur is one of the best bakers in Paris. His shop, Du Pain et Des Idées, is … Continue reading Du Pain et Des Idées , 75010

Café A, 75010

The most amazing space. A great discovery that I only stumbled upon by chance. The café is situated in a large courtyard, tucked behind an old convent, in the bustling 10th arrondissement. Yet the only factor reminding you that you're just adjacent to the Gare de l'Est is the slight traffic noise. On a Saturday morning however, especially in August, … Continue reading Café A, 75010

Ten Belles, 75010

Another too-cool-for-school coffee joint that was part of what will become known as the craft coffee revolution of 2012. In this case, the driving force was Thomas Lehoux who teamed up with Paris coffee maestro David Flynn to launch this cute, friendly hole in the wall. The generally accepted term for these places that I … Continue reading Ten Belles, 75010

Le Vin en Vrac, 75018

UPDATE (Nov 2014) It's a local, neighbourhood spot. It's quirky, it has its charm, it's fun. But if you know anything about wine, or you want to learn more, there is nothing special about this place. The staff are young and they're still learning what they have on the shelf. Several times, when I've gone … Continue reading Le Vin en Vrac, 75018