La Buvette de Camille, 75011

La Buvette de Camille is one of the main spots where people in the natural wine industry in Paris like to hang-out. This thimble-sized bar opened late 2012 but I just didn't want to talk about it on the blog until now. ūüôā It is located on a quiet, fairly unremarkable side street in the … Continue reading La Buvette de Camille, 75011

Café Chilango, 75011

Picture the scene: "So we're opening a new spot in Paris. The hipster market is booming right now and we should make that our focus. What do we need?" - Ethnic food served on small plates. Check. - Beer from Deck and Donohue. Check. - Coffee from Cafe Lomi and/or Belleville. Check. - An offering … Continue reading Caf√© Chilango, 75011

Squatt Wine Shop, 75011

A cute, shoe-box-sized wine shop on rue de la Roquette.¬†Pietro Russano, whose name you might recognise from Italian bar-restaurant-√©picerie the Retro-Bottega, is the force behind this new opening. (Aug 2014.) Refreshingly relaxed and unassuming, you'll find an interesting selection of French, Italian and other European (e.g. Greek) natural wines, as well as beer and high-quality … Continue reading Squatt Wine Shop, 75011

Yard, 75011

One of my best meals in recent months was had at this thimble-sized restaurant just a stepping stone away from the Pere Lachaise cemetary. Jane Drotter presides over the 25-or-so covers on the floor, whilst chef Shaun Kelly (ex-St John, Saturne and Au Passage) has free rein in the kitchen. The result is a powerful … Continue reading Yard, 75011

Le 6 Paul Bert, 75011

UPDATE (Feb 2015): I went back to Le 6 Paul Bert for dinner with some friends two days ago. In the evening, the restaurant offers a prix fixe menu at 44 euros, comprising four courses (starter-fish-meat-dessert.) I understand they're undergoing some staff changes in the kitchen... and unfortunately, it showed. There were three choices for … Continue reading Le 6 Paul Bert, 75011

Clamato, 75011

Open since November 2013, Clamato is the little brother to Septime, located right next door and by the one and only,¬†Bertrand Gr√©baut. Specialising in seafood, oysters and natural wine, it attracts a hipster client√®le - beautiful women and sexy men sporting a few days of stubble. Great with a group of four or five friends … Continue reading Clamato, 75011

CLOSED – Bones, 75011

UPDATE AUG 2015: Sadly Bones closed its doors last night. Keep your eyes peeled to find out who takes this space.   Combining minimalist food and d√©cor with great drinks, Bones is on every Paris hipster's radar. Young and beautiful anglophones flock to this bricks and mortar bar and restaurant in the 11th. The charming … Continue reading CLOSED – Bones, 75011

La Fine Mousse, 75011

This is more than just a bar √† bi√®res, it's an absolute haven for bi√®reophiles and beer geeks. There are¬†20 beer taps for draught and 150 beers available by the bottle. The selection is international and on-point.¬† The space is bright and luminous, with a terrasse outside for when the weather is kind. The crowd … Continue reading La Fine Mousse, 75011

Where To Find Oysters in Paris

This blog post comes to you today from the corner of my bed. I've just spent a very uncomfortable night curled up on precisely one sixth of the¬†normally available bed space. Three rooms of Burnt Cream HQ are being repainted this weekend, which means that everything has had to find a new home. I was … Continue reading Where To Find Oysters in Paris