Burnt Wine

Every month I open the front door of Burnt Cream HQ and welcome a group of people to taste a selection of my favourite wines. Unlike "Burnt Food", where the emphasis is on the food, these "Burnt Wine" evenings put the spotlight on some interesting, hard-to-find wines. Emma works in the wine and spirits industry and therefore has … Continue reading Burnt Wine

Le Vin en Vrac, 75018

UPDATE (Nov 2014) It's a local, neighbourhood spot. It's quirky, it has its charm, it's fun. But if you know anything about wine, or you want to learn more, there is nothing special about this place. The staff are young and they're still learning what they have on the shelf. Several times, when I've gone … Continue reading Le Vin en Vrac, 75018

Café Lomi, 75018

The Café Lomi is a prime example of the cool initiatives happening in previously overlooked parts of the 18th arrondissement. Once based in the 17th where they were torrefying and selling exclusively to the trade, they opened the Café Lomi coffee shop on the rue Marcadet in September 2012. Aleaume heads up the business operation, his Mexican wife looks after the front of … Continue reading Café Lomi, 75018

Le Grenier à Pain, 75018

In July 2011, I was living in le chic appartement, with its sleek white walls, old wooden floor and Haussmann features. Right downstairs was the boulangerie which had won the Best Baguette in Paris competition the year before. There are actually a dozen Le Grenier à Pain boulangeries in Paris. I haven't had the time or … Continue reading Le Grenier à Pain, 75018