Spotlight On: Chausson au Speculoos

The croissant is so passé. My social media feeds this week (I'm looking at you in particular, Facebook) have been clogged with supposedly scandalous chatter of straight vs curved croissants. It's pure semantics. Anyone who knows their butter from their margarine knows that the croissant was not created equal. So while we wait for the online … Continue reading Spotlight On: Chausson au Speculoos

Du Pain et Des Idées , 75010

I woke up in a cold sweat this morning as it dawned upon me that I am yet to write about Du Pain et Des Idées on this blog. It's a rather shameful confession, I must admit. Christophe Vasseur is one of the best bakers in Paris. His shop, Du Pain et Des Idées, is … Continue reading Du Pain et Des Idées , 75010

Festival des Pains de Monsieur Habhab, 75020

Just ten minutes from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, there lies a relatively unknown quarter of Paris and it feels like you have stepped into another world. We talk about Saint Germain and the Marais having a neighbourhood feel... but unless you've lived there for the last twenty years, chances are that you're seeing … Continue reading Festival des Pains de Monsieur Habhab, 75020

La Petite Marquise, 75116

I find the line 2 métro fascinating. Of all the different lines, it is peut-être this one which covers the widest range of Parisian communities. Starting off at Nation, moving through the Chinese communities in Belleville and Ménilmontant, you see the hoardes of sunbathers getting off at Jaures and heading for the Canal Saint Martin. There are … Continue reading La Petite Marquise, 75116

Au Duc de la Chapelle, 75018

The expression "I was lead to believe..." most commonly translates into French as "j'ai cru comprendre que..." It's curious because in English we say that 'you're lead to believe' whereas in French 'you believe to understand.' It would appear that the English mindset is already offsetting the blame onto someone else, whereas the French are … Continue reading Au Duc de la Chapelle, 75018

Le Blé Sucré, 75012 I had been tipped off by a local parisienne about this neighbourhood boulangerie that is totally worth going out of your way for. It turns out that, such is Le Blé Sucré's reputation, it has those in the know salivating just at the mention of its name. [2011] Croissant Competition #18: "The perfect diamond shape, it was a … Continue reading Le Blé Sucré, 75012

Le Grenier à Pain, 75018

In July 2011, I was living in le chic appartement, with its sleek white walls, old wooden floor and Haussmann features. Right downstairs was the boulangerie which had won the Best Baguette in Paris competition the year before. There are actually a dozen Le Grenier à Pain boulangeries in Paris. I haven't had the time or … Continue reading Le Grenier à Pain, 75018

Au 140, 75020

One of the criteria I set for the croissant competition in 2011 was that the croissant had to be the first thing I ate that day. I believe occasion plays a massive part in the enjoyment of any sensory experience - and appetite is a crucial factor. Two identical croissants would taste very different if … Continue reading Au 140, 75020