Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Galette des Rois

We tend to translate Galette des Rois as "King Cake" in English. Yet, the translation is rather deceptive. Despite sharing a name, King Cake, the colourful cinnamon cake found in New Orleans around Carnival and Mardi Gras, has nothing in common with the pastry that is traditionally eaten in France at Epiphany. Actually, I lie; both versions … Continue reading Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Galette des Rois

Who Is Saint Honoré?

If you want to get to grips with French pastries, you simply have to start with Saint Honoré. Honoratus, bishop of Amiens, lived sometime in the 6th century AD. He was made a saint after his death and is venerated in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. It's not entirely sure when the association between … Continue reading Who Is Saint Honoré?

Paris’ Second – and Long-Forgotten – River

If you have spent any time at all in Paris, you must have crossed at least one of the bridges over the river Seine at some point. Every tourist has strolled across the Pont Neuf taking in the hue of the city's beautiful stone buildings at sunset. Incidentally, despite being called the "New Bridge" it is … Continue reading Paris’ Second – and Long-Forgotten – River

There Is No Title.

#ParisAttacks - 13th November 2015 As a nation, we have been glued to the news this weekend. Gleaning the media channels for any piece of information which would help make sense of what is utterly senseless. 129 people dead. 352 injured. One particular Twitter account ("@SOSParis1311" run by a 15 year old girl, no less) … Continue reading There Is No Title.

Which Is The Oldest Street in Paris?

The oldest street in Paris is the rue Saint Jacques, in the 5th arrondissement. Leading from the Île de la Cité, where Paris was founded, the rue Saint Jacques passes through the Sorbonne University, the Pantheon, Port Royal and finally reaches Denfert-Rochereau. Over two and a half kilometres (= one and a half miles) long, this … Continue reading Which Is The Oldest Street in Paris?

Co-Working Spaces in Paris So many people have the dream of moving to Paris for a month or two. Of "upping sticks" and relocating to the city of lights, the capital of romance and the centre of cheese. It's becoming easier and easier as our increasingly nomadic working lifestyles don't tie us to a 9 to 5 routine in the … Continue reading Co-Working Spaces in Paris

Useful Resources for Living in Paris

Have you always wondered which websites and online resources the French (and in particular, the Parisians) actually use? Whether you've recently moved here or you just feel a little out of touch, here are some tips: For cheap train tickets, use Ouigo - To find out how bad the traffic is - For second-hand furniture … Continue reading Useful Resources for Living in Paris

Was La Belle Epoque Really So Great?

TL;DR version: Everything's relative. If you've just come out of a century of foreign war and internal revolutions and you're just about to plunge into the horrors of the First World War, of course a brief respite would be very welcome. But, no, it was certainly not as belle as those rosy glasses of yours … Continue reading Was La Belle Epoque Really So Great?