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Compagnie des Glaces, 75005

As soon as the sun comes out in Paris, I scrabble for alternatives to Amorino. Fortunately, last week, I found a new place which is worth sharing with you: La Compagnie des Glaces. Strictly speaking, it's a franchise and they currently have twelve outposts all over France - stretching from Honfleur in the north, to Pornic … Continue reading Compagnie des Glaces, 75005

Walrus, 75010

Have you wondered where the young, hip and unshaven hang out? The answer is the Walrus. It's a welcome addition to a quartier which doesn't have much to offer besides stolen iPhones. Think I'm joking? Just spend a couple of seconds on the crossroads of boulevard Magenta, rue Maubeuge and rue de Dunkerque (near Gare du Nord) and … Continue reading Walrus, 75010

Festival des Pains de Monsieur Habhab, 75020

Just ten minutes from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, there lies a relatively unknown quarter of Paris and it feels like you have stepped into another world. We talk about Saint Germain and the Marais having a neighbourhood feel... but unless you've lived there for the last twenty years, chances are that you're seeing … Continue reading Festival des Pains de Monsieur Habhab, 75020

RAP Épicerie, 75009

There are many Italian delicatessens in Paris but there are very few who have such high-quality products as the RAP Épicerie. Alessandra Pierini arrived in Paris in 2010 and her mission was to source the best of Italy and bring it to France. Still independent, she currently stocks over 1000 products, purchased directly from more than 300 … Continue reading RAP Épicerie, 75009

La Buvette de Camille, 75011

La Buvette de Camille is one of the main spots where people in the natural wine industry in Paris like to hang-out. This thimble-sized bar opened late 2012 but I just didn't want to talk about it on the blog until now. 🙂 It is located on a quiet, fairly unremarkable side street in the … Continue reading La Buvette de Camille, 75011

L’Auberge Bressane, 75007

It's not that there is a dearth of high-quality restaurants in this part of the 7th. You only have to stumble a couple of paces in any direction before you land upon L'Arpege, La Fontaine de Mars or L'Ami Jean... not to mention Jean-François Piège or David Toutain or Il Vino... It's just that Auberge … Continue reading L’Auberge Bressane, 75007

Bocamexa, 75005

One of my great discoveries recently has been the Mexican restaurant "Bocamexa" at the bottom end of rue Mouffetard. I had walked past several times, always appreciating the delicious smells coming from the kitchen, when finally I rally myself and a friend to go and check it out. In short, it was wonderful! The restaurant itself … Continue reading Bocamexa, 75005

La Cave de Don Doudine, 75018

There's been a huge hullaballoo around the opening of la Brasserie Barbes this week. Apparently, we're supposed to be up in arms about how the area around Barbes-Rochechouart station is being reclaimed by hipsters. Apparently, (if you take notice of what people who previously only ever dared to go as far as Tati say) it's … Continue reading La Cave de Don Doudine, 75018